Office Ergonomics Assessment Service

Proactive office ergonomics services helps employees setup their workstation to their individual needs. We offer employees a customize stretch breakouts to prevent discomfort and be productive.

Reactive or discomfort assessment in office ergonomics is for employees having severe discomfort due to medical conditions or workplace setup.

A report is generated for the employee workplace setup and follow-ups are performed to make the work comfortable in current or modified setup.

Bay Ergonomics evaluators can perform this service onsite and in some cases remotely for home office workers.


Lab Ergonomics Assessment Service

R&D Lab is essential in many Technology industries. The work in a lab is often with complex instruments, machineries and their required accessories. Their setup may not be very suitable for the employees.

e.g. Microscope in Bio-Tech, Clean Rooms in Semi-Conductor

Bay Ergonomics conducts an evaluation of Lab usage and work to scope out a custom solution for technology industries. We have successfully implemented Ergonomic programs at bio-tech and semi-conductor labs.


Manufacturing Ergonomics Assessment Service

Manufacturing Ergonomics requires assessment of the various processes and instruments/machinery required while taking the human workers interaction at the forefront.  Discomfort and associated absenteeism of highly skilled manufacturing workforce results in productivity loss.

Bay Ergonomics has successfully analyzed manufacturing operations by discussion with industrial engineers and shop-floor management to provide effective solutions to meet the tasks of a product assembly line to a sub-process level.

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