Workplace Ergonomics Assessment Service

Workplace analysis of technology office, labs and manufacturing operations is provided to fit it for the skilled workforce and reduction of injury/illness.

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Ergonomics Training Service

Onsite training classes are provided for employees, HR, EHS, Facilities and Management. This helps to generate awareness and proactivity amongst the audience to boost wellness at individual and organizational level.

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Ergonomics Program Development Service

Partner with EHS and HR functions to develop a customized Ergonomics Program for the organization.

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Since 1993

Root Cause Analysis

Bay Ergonomics gets to the bottom of the ergonomic issue by taking a fundamental root-cause-analysis approach. 

Ergonomics intervention at workplace is paramount for innovative companies to not only retain the talent but also generate wellness.

We measure and analyze relevant ergonomic data while prescribing solutions to our client and their employees.  This differentiated approach helps all the participants in an organization to get the needed remedy and results.

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We offer a no obligation pro bono consulting of ergonomics issue at your workplace.